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Affordable Dental Implants

Dentures can be problematic for some patients. Many people faced with the prospect of getting dentures for the first time express concerns about the dentures slipping, or whether they will be able to eat and talk as they normally would. For patients who already have dentures, over time they will experience shrinkage of the jawbone known as facial collapse. The best way to address these concerns is with dental implants as an alternative to full dentures. But for those who cannot afford standard implants there are some good options available to give you peace of mind while achieving a high quality tooth replacement solution.

Affordable Dental Implant Options

Mini Implants

Measuring less than half the size of standard ones, mini implants require less healing time, no surgical flap, fewer procedures, and will save you about half the cost of regular dental implants. While made to secure a denture into place, the mini implant also serves to prevent bone loss in the jaw. This reduces the risk of facial collapse involved with full dentures while giving you the secure feeling of an implant.

dental implants

Snap-on Dentures

Another affordable way to replace your smile is with a snap-on denture. This type of denture is held into place using two standard implants. Since there are fewer implants needed, the cost is lower than you would expect with multiple ones. After placement of the implants and healing of the jawbone, the dentures are snapped in to hold them securely.

Dr. Srinivasan will work with you to create a smile design that is well-suited for your lifestyle and your budget. If you are looking for affordable choices in dentures or dental implants, or if you are interested in learning more about mini implants or snap-on dentures, you can call us to schedule an appointment to see if you are a candidate and discuss which options may work best for you.

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