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Emax Crowns

For patients who want to preserve existing teeth that have been broken, stained, or damaged, porcelain crowns are a natural-looking restoration treatment. Dr. Srinivasan is partial to the inherently beautiful look of Emax when placing crowns on front teeth.

The Beauty of Porcelain

Emax is one of the newest porcelain crown materials in dentistry. Known for its natural-looking translucency, this type of crown closely resembles the look of real teeth. It will be nearly impossible for people to tell that your Emax crown is not a natural tooth. But that is not the only advantage it provides.

Another benefit to Emax is the strength of its ceramic core composed of lithium disilicate, a glass material produced by combining crystallized silica and fillers. This new material is designed to flex under pressure without breaking, closely mimicking the behavior of metal fillings while remaining metal free. Because the lithium disilicate is opaque in color, a thin layer of porcelain is fused to the outer surface of the tooth. This is where artistry comes into play with the design and color matching of Emax.

Comparing Emax to Other Porcelain Crowns

We provide many options in metal-free dentistry including porcelain crowns. To provide patients with porcelain crowns of the highest quality, we use a multi-step process. Each crown is sent to a local lab for color matching and accurate fitting. Depending on your needs, she may recommend Emax or zirconia. Zirconia is another type of metal-free crown designed to withstand greater force of pressure.


While Emax crowns are known for their resemblance to real teeth, zirconia is known for its strength. Although it is aesthetically more pleasing, e.max is not built to support dental bridges. They can be problematic if placed near neighboring dental work due to space required for connectors. For these reasons, Dr. Srinivasan typically prefers zirconia crowns be placed on back teeth, and Emax on the front teeth.

If you would like to find out if Emax crowns would be the right choice for restoring and preserving your natural teeth, you can make an appointment with Dr. Srinivasan to discuss your options.

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