Emergency Dentist

If you are experiencing dental pain, even if you are not an established patient, we can help. Call us during office hours, and we will get you in today. Often, dental pain can be alleviated with a simple procedure, and then future treatments can be discussed to address the cause.

Reasons you may need an emergency dentist

No matter what type of dental pain you are experiencing, urgent situations call for urgency when it comes to calling the dentist. We understand and will never judge the reasons why you are in need of urgent care. Several things can cause a person to need emergency treatment by a dentist. Here are some of the most common.

  • Toothache. If you have been unable to see a dentist regularly, tooth decay can progress to the point where it causes extreme pain. At this point it is imperative to address the pain right away.
  • Infection. Infections in the mouth can be caused by a number of factors including an abscess or gum disease. When this occurs, antibiotics alone will not help, and dental treatment is required.
  • Cracked or broken tooth. Accidental breaking or cracking of teeth can happen at any time. While it may not cause pain, it does require emergency care to avoid potential problems, and for aesthetic reasons as well.
  • Injury or tooth loss. When traumatic injury of the face or unexpected tooth loss occurs, time is of the essence when it comes to treatment. If you have lost a tooth, do not dispose of it and call our office right away.

For dental trauma cases and intraoral abscesses, Dr. Srinivasan received advanced training during her hospital dentistry residency. If you have not been seeing the dentist regularly due to dental anxiety, she is understanding and will work to help you feel comfortable and confident in your treatment. We also offer nitrous oxide, a type of sedation dentistry, as a way to help patients feel relaxed before beginning treatment, if necessary.

Whatever your emergency, if you’re in pain and need immediate dental attention, please call our office.