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Mini Implants

Patients seeking an affordable option in dental implants that fit more securely than removable dentures may benefit from mini dental implants. Designed to set a denture into place and prevent it from slipping, they are less than half the size of full implants and involve a simpler surgical procedure with less time involved. This contributes to making them more affordable than standard dental implants.

We offer patients the option of quality mini dental implants when standard implants are not a feasible choice. Dr. Srinivasan can explain some of the pros and cons of choosing mini implants if it’s something you are considering. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Mini Implant Benefits

Procedure. The procedure for placing mini dental implants is less complex than with standard implants. Due to their smaller size, and because there is no surgical flap required, the surgery is less risky and less traumatic.

Healing time. Along with the easier surgical process comes a faster healing time for the patient. In some cases the recovery period is reduced from several months to just days or weeks. Typically there is less swelling and patients are able to use a milder form of pain reliever.

Affordability. Mini implants were originally designed to reduce the time, materials, and process involved with standard ones, thus lowering the cost. For many patients who want the security and added benefits of dental implants, they can be the most cost-effective and beneficial alternative.

Jawbone Preservation. Just like the effect of a standard implant, mini implants work to preserve the jawbone and prevent the symptoms of facial collapse that naturally occur over time following tooth extraction. As with full-sized implants, they work to stabilize the jaw and inhibit associated bone loss.

If you think you may be a candidate for dentures or mini dental implants, you can call us or request an appointment with Dr. Srinivasan to answer your questions and discuss which options may be available to you for renewing your smile.