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Sedation Dentist

If you feel scared or nervous or get sweaty palms prior to a dental appointment, you are not alone. As many as one-third of Americans suffer from dental anxiety. This anxiety is often caused by a traumatic childhood dental experience, a painful dental visit, or a dentist who did not care about hurting you.

Huntsville dentist Dr. Jayashree Srinivasan takes extra time to make sure you are comfortable, as well as offers nitrous oxide, a mild relaxant, to help patients who find dental visits to be stressful. Nitrous oxide is a sedative gas that is mixed with oxygen. It is given through a nose mask during your dental procedure. The dentist typically begins with a low concentration, the gradually increases it to reach the desired effect. One of the best advantages to nitrous oxide is how quickly it wears off. Two minutes after gas has been turned off, patients can return to their normal activities.

Are you a candidate for sedation dentistry?

You may be a candidate for sedation dentistry if you:

  • experience anxiety in the dental chair
  • have extremely sensitive teeth
  • have difficulty getting numb
  • have a traumatic dental history
  • experience strong gag reflexes
  • have complex dental problems which require lengthy, in-depth work
  • are fearful of shots or needles
  • are embarrassed over the condition of your teeth

If you experience dental anxiety, or believe you are a candidate for sedation dentistry, call our office or visit our request an appointment page. If you’re not ready to commit to a paid examination, but would like a chance to meet Dr. Srinivasan and get a tour of our office, call and we can schedule a complimentary visit.