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Zoom Teeth Whitening

teeth whiteningTeeth whitening, by Huntsville dentist Dr. Jashree Srinivasan, is a quick and inexpensive way to achieve a beautiful smile. Dr. Srinivasan offers Zoom Whitening, as an in-office treatment, and also provides patients with whitening strips as an at-home option.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a popular tooth-whitening technique that is done in-office. This is the fastest whitening option, but isn’t as economical as the at-home whitening strips. As you can see from their site, this is a product administered by a professional.

Zoom whitening technique

The first step of the Zoom whitening technique is for retractors to be placed. These allow your teeth to be exposed during treatment. Second, a rubbery, protective coating is adhesed to your gums. Then the gel is placed on your teeth. During the appointment, the gel gently penetrates your teeth. The following step is for the Zoom whitening light to be focused on your teeth for 15-30 minutes. The light allows the gel to activate and releases peroxide in your tooth structure, which oxidizes the discoloration in your teeth. At the conclusion of your appointment, you will receive a tray that you can wear at home to enhance the whitening power of the office treatment.

Common questions about teeth getting whiter

How long does it last?

Once teeth are whitened, they will always be whiter than they were originally. Quick touch-ups every year or two will help to maximize the whiteness against stains your teeth may pick up.

Do “whiter teeth” toothpastes work?

To be effective, bleaching agents need to penetrate into your teeth. Toothpaste is not on your teeth long enough to impact your teeth internally. Toothpastes remove the surface stains on your teeth, but won’t alter the color.

Are over-the-counter coloration products effective?

Some over-the-counter products will temporarily make your teeth appear whiter, but will then attract more stains and become darker than when you started. Nothing over-the-counter is as strong or effective as the in-office treatment, because the stronger bleaches are only safe when applied under the guidance of a dental professional.

Who offers teeth whitening near me?

We do! To make an appointment for our in-office whiter teeth treatment, call our office or visit our request an appointment page.