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Can Children Get Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry in Huntsville, AL, offers a way to help patients, especially children, feel relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures. It’s particularly beneficial for managing anxiety and discomfort that children may experience at the dentist’s office. Different Types of Sedation in Pediatric Dentistry Children’s sedation dentistry encompasses a range of techniques. Mild sedation often involves […]

5 Benefits of Routine Dental Checkups

Are you due for your next dental checkup? If so, make an appointment at the office of Jayashree Srinivasan, DMD, today! From detailed teeth cleanings to our thorough exams, we provide the most reliable dental checkups in Huntsville, TX. In this post, we’ll discuss five benefits of routine dental checkups. Early detection Dental exams allow professionals […]

3 Things to Know About Dental Implants

If you’re new to dental implants in Huntsville, AL, it’s relatively easy to get them confused with other types of procedures. If you have a missing tooth that you want to replace, we’ll look at what you should know about the process. 1. Implants Are the Closest Replacement for Missing Teeth There are plenty of options […]