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5 Benefits of Routine Dental Checkups

Are you due for your next dental checkup? If so, make an appointment at the office of Jayashree Srinivasan, DMD, today! From detailed teeth cleanings to our thorough exams, we provide the most reliable dental checkups in Huntsville, TX.

In this post, we’ll discuss five benefits of routine dental checkups.

Early detection

Dental exams allow professionals to detect dental issues before they get worse. This can save you money, time, and discomfort. For example, if you leave a cavity untreated, this can lead to a severe infection, possibly meaning you’ll need a tooth extraction.

Fresh breath

During a dental checkup, your provider will examine your teeth, gums, throat, and neck to look for any areas of concern. Furthermore, they may also provide a thorough teeth cleaning to eliminate plaque and tartar. By having your teeth professionally cleaned and fixing other issues, you can experience fresher breath.

Finding problems under the surface

Dental checkups also involve taking X-rays, allowing dental professionals to see what’s happening below the surface of your teeth and gums. A dentist can find evidence of infections, impacted teeth, wisdom teeth issues, or other problems.

Whiter teeth

During dental checkup appointments, professionals usually clean your teeth to improve your dental health. This can lead to cleaner, whiter teeth. Routinely visiting the dentist can help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile for many years to come.

Low costs

Dental checkups are much more affordable compared to other dental treatments. That said, getting in the habit of visiting the dentist can lead to significant cost savings over time. For example, if you wait too long for a checkup, you could develop a cavity or another problem, leading to higher treatment costs.

Want to schedule your next checkup? If so, call the office of Jayashree Srinivasan, DMD, to make an appointment! We’re proud to have the most dependable dentist in Huntsville, TX.

3 Things to Know About Dental Implants

If you’re new to dental implants in Huntsville, AL, it’s relatively easy to get them confused with other types of procedures. If you have a missing tooth that you want to replace, we’ll look at what you should know about the process.

1. Implants Are the Closest Replacement for Missing Teeth

There are plenty of options available to close gaps in the mouth and plenty of people won’t even bother with a replacement (particularly if the missing tooth is in the back of their mouth). However, every tooth in your mouth plays a critical role, and leaving a large space is an invitation for bacteria to breed. An implant will not just reduce this threat, it will support the rest of your teeth in the same way your original tooth did.

2. Implants Are a Straightforward Procedure

While it’s true that implants do take some time to complete, sometimes as long as a few months, the actual appointments and the process are easy to follow for the vast majority of patients. Once your dentist determines that you’re eligible for implants (after assessing the strength of your jawbone and general oral health), they will implant a metal post in the bone and give you a temporary cap for everyday use. After your mouth heals, you’ll get a permanent cap to replace your tooth.

3. Your Dentist in Huntsville, AL Matters

Implants are as strong a tooth replacement as you can get, but your results may vary based on the dentist in Huntsville, AL, you choose. At the office of Jayashree Srinivasan, DMD, you’ll work with a staff that can help you get through each step without hassle. If you’re interested in working with professionals, contact us today for more information.